Sleep has no borders – it traverses distances and never limits itself. We are invested in bringing you an experience in sleep like never before!

We bring to you Le Parutti – proudly based in the quaint charming town of Chester, New Jersey and drawing inspiration from the Franco-Tamil heritage of the beautiful seaside town of Pondicherry, India where our eco friendly linens are ethically hand crafted.

Better Quality, Eco Friendly Bedding

We have over 20 years of experience in custom-made bed and bath linens for luxury hospitality and retail.

We use only high quality compacted yarn in a Single Pick weave. This means the thread count is not inflated and the sheets are highly durable with a smooth handfeel.

Our fabric is processed using Organic Dyes which means no harmful chemicals were used. It doesn’t stop here, the residue is further treated to make it environmentally safe.

Quality is at the core of what we do – we want you to sleep better and we make sure every step in the process of building our fine linens can help you do just that.

Hospitality Program

Thoughtful Design

Bring color and vibrancy into your bedroom. Change the texture of your sleep !

Our designs are original art works created by our designers. We present one here that draws from a pattern dyeing technique called Ikat that is popular in India but has its origins in Indonesia.

We also thought of practical features to further enhance your comfort. After all, home is your space – and we want to help you fill it with warmth and comfort.

Empowering Women

We have a workforce that is mostly women who come from villages around the factory. Many are sole earning members and support their families with pride while enjoying a comfortable work environment.

Empowering the Next Generation

We are committed to supporting access to quality education for children from the local community around our factory, by directly sponsoring school expenses for those children in need.